A Full Ethereal Pressure, 8 pp zine, 2 variables

images Gabriel Annouka and Filip Skiba
typefaces Women’s Car Repair Collective,  Robert Ford, Ernestine Eckstein from A Queer Year of Love Letters (2018) 
poems Gabriel Annouka 
quote Queer from C|O Berlin, exhibition Queerness in Photography (2022), originally adapted by CN Lester from the glossary published in Masculinities: Liberation through Photography published by Barbican Art Gallery and Prestel, 2020.

‘A full ethereal pressure’ is the artifact of a research paper on queer liberation movements of the past in Europe, reflecting on queer liberation modes of communication then and now and its relevance today in the creative industry. The zine, inspired by anti-conformist zines from the 70’s, includes two poems on queer ecologies, three photographic works, a collaboration with photographer Filip Skiba, glossary excerpt from CO Berlin show Queerness in Photography, and collage work inspired by archival material from the Panchayat Archive at Tate Britain and the Queer Zine Library (Goldsmith, 2023).