Die Stelle, short-film, 4 mins running time, 2023

Written, Directed Gabriel Annouka
Photography Noe Cassi
HMU Kathryn Hieselmayr
Styling Saimonas Tartenis
Production Assistant Julia Shropshire
Talent Pascal Ball, Julius Lewerenz
Sound Welle Erdball

Special thanks to Melvin Zöller, Brigita Falk, Kuanchia Lin, Kris Fan, Neko Moon, Cafe Pförtner, Berlin Andec Filmtechnik

Streaming available on vimeo.

Die Stelle is a short fashion film set in Berlin, in collaboration with designer Philipp Dorner.
The designer draws inspiration upon Germany’s youth and club culture as well as Berlin’s undeground scene - taking inspiration from the city values of liberalism and inclusivity. The 3 minutes long fashion film is a story of separation and struggle in a queer relationship during a time of oppression and uncertainty, it being time-flexible/ timeless, it represents recurring situations of oppression and struggle in the light of queer love.

The name of the film comes from the german translation to the place, a utopic space historically important for their community, where the two characters can find each other again, serving as the only place they are able to love and understand each other, die Stelle.

"Die Stelle" - Philipp Dorner W23 from Gabriel Annouka on Vimeo.