Image composition and post-production 
for new product launches, 2021 - 2022

Between 2021 and 2023 I  worked as a creative producer and communication designer at Every, a plant-based food brand based in Berlin. The company sells mainly as an e-store through its own website or other marketplaces (digital, pop-ups and platforms like Gorillas or Amazon). I was hired during my placement year as a Creative Producer, to take  care of product and advertisement campaigns in their  pre-production, but also on set and post-production. After 6 month, I switched to a part-time position which  required less on-set committment and I took care mainly  of the design side of things, digital and print, for external e-commerce, in-house requests, design consultancy,  packaging and new merch design. Following are a few examples of projects and campaigns I delivered while at Every, including digital and print media.

art direction / image composition / 
post-production for new merch + website 2021 - 2022

art direction / image composition 
post-production for new product campaigns, 2021 - 2022

Every’s digital cookbook, 2023

Every’s delivery packaging.

Printed flyer aimed at telling more about the brand 
at events. Developed with Tres-Bien Agency, 2022

Spreads from Every’s newspaper, designed for summer campaign included in delivery packages, 2021