Gabriel Annouka is a designer and filmmaker currently based in London via Casablanca. Their ethnical heritage is Italian, Moroccan.

Collaboration is important if not necessary for my practice. I collaborate with platforms and brands to create image-based and moving image work within a commercial, editorial environment and personal practice. My projects often investigate subjects such as performance, the multitudes of expressions in queerness and communication on queer liberation.

My recent project (A’ameeqat) عَمِيقَات delves into the experiences of queer individuals who have often been compelled to remain unseen. It features written pieces that explore these themes alongside various forms of film photography, captured on 35mm, 110mm and 120mm, seeking to contextualize and emphasize the significance of documenting and preserving queer hidden narratives.

The word  عميق (a’ameeq) translates to deep or profound in Arabic. It can also be employed as a polite insult to describe someone who may appear as effeminate, bohemian, queer or deviating from societal norms. My intention for the book is to cast a light on experiences through image and language, while also serving as a platform to contribute to conversations on this topic.

See the project here.

Portfolio / CV on request.