Gabriel Annouka is an artist and filmmaker currently based in London via Casablanca.
Their ethnical heritage is Moroccan-Italian.

Collaboration is important, if not necessary for their practice. Gabriel’s work was featured at Peckam 24, B.P. Space Gallery, Open205 Deptford Gallery, SHOWstudio, Kaltblut, Schön, FY!, JordanLuca. They write, direct and create image-based work within an editorial and commercial environment, and personal practice.

Their latest project, عَمِيقَات A’ameeqat, peeks at the concealed experiences of queer individuals who have often felt compelled to remain in the shadows. The word عميق A’ameeq translates to deep or profound in Arabic. It can also be employed as a polite insult to describe someone who may appear as effeminate, bohemian, queer or deviating from societal norms.

Through a combination of commissioned written pieces and different film photography formats—35, 110, and 120mm—the project’s intention is to emphasize on the importance of documenting, preserving and re-contextualising neglected queer narratives through image and language.

Link to the project.

Portfolio / CV on request.