Santa Serenata I, II
700x1000, silk-screen print
(to the left) exhibited at Open205 Deptford Gallery, London.
(to the right) exhibited at Well Gallery, LCC London.
The series of prints “Santa Serenata” (I, II and III) depict spaces where the beauty and profound resilience of the queer body takes center stage. The A1 screenprints emerge from 35mm film photographs shot in Cilento, Italy and are hand-printed in blue, pink and orange.

عميقات, Aameqat, 80 pp, 2023
Edition of 10

Offset Lithography F.A.G. 105
Screenprinting, HP Indigo
Flattbed LED-UV Print (Mimaki)
Epson Inkjet (Surecolour)

The publication was exhibited in London on 12th - 16th of March at B.P. Space Gallery, as part of the group show “A call to connection” alongside the works of Sarah Jane Baker, Phoenix Yemi and T. Nkiru Daniels.

Through a combination of commissioned written pieces and different film photography formats— 35, 110, and 120mm —  printed mainly on litho and screenprint, the project’s intention is to emphasize on the importance of documenting, preserving and re-contextualising neglected queer narratives through image and language.

City of Mercy, Casablanca
CMYK Silk-screen print, commissioned bookmarks 
Edition of 15, 2023

Bisous ‘24
CMYK silk-screen print

Matthew auf Hermannstraße
CMYK silk screen print