Res Gesta: a fragmented body of
3D short-film, 3 mins running time, 2021

Written, directed by Gabriel Annouka
Sound Design: Pietro Cavassa aka AP
Performance: Gian Singh Sanghera-Warren, Dominic Mitchell

Exhibition space: Flat-time House Peckam, Digital Space @LCC

Streaming available on vimeo.

Res Gesta: a fragmented body of is a digital speculative exhibition to take place in at the Flat Time House, an exhibition space and artist residency based in Peckam, London. The project rethinks about interacting and moving through online and physical spaces, working as an archive of gestures and actions in a time where objects are moving, performing and reacting. While the space and most of the elements are tridimensional the film includes three performance pieces with queer performers based in London. The sound piece was designed in collaboration with artist Anything Pointless aka Pietro Cavassa.