Scraps from Above, multi-media exhibition
Well Gallery - LCC, February 2023

Curation G. Annouka, I. Luengo
Supervision J. Kabala

The curation for the group show Scraps froms Above looked at the interconnectedness and disjunctive relationships between the works displayed, which appear as "scraps and bits" at first glance. The exhibition design included aspects of both chaos and order, with scraps and pieces placed in an apparently arbitrary manner revealing the underlying links between them. The exhibition can be seen from concrete bridge built above the gallery, splitting the space in two rectagular spaces; we imagined the viewer as an overseer looking down on the works, on the activity and the links between them, reflecting on all the elements which are placed at different heights.

10 works covering wall space, 13 covering floor space, 7 moving-image

P. Geis / C. Hoff / A. Badri