The Airborne Capsule, 3D moving image
8mins running time, 2021
Written and Directed by Gabriel Annouka
in collaboration with Pedro Lopez Navarro

Streaming available on vimeo.

As biological entities, our perception of the environment is limited by the capacity of our sensory organs and nervous structures. The air we breathe and inhabit is occupied by particles that are invisible to the human eye, and this invisibility creates a barrier from considering it as a part of our decision making. The project responds to the RSA Brief 2020/2021 - The Right To Breathe, a brief that aims at improving our understanding of air pollution and enquires about ways to guarantee the right to clean air in areas that have very poor air quality. 

The Airborne Capsule is a device developed to create a speculative language that ‘speaks’ to human beings in an emotional manner through emitting sound, and that communicates the needs of the environment it’s located in. By doing so, the device will serve as a tool to increase our sensibility as inhabitants of the planet, influencing the way we act, for a more sustainable living and breathing. The device is capable of measuring temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure and VOC’s concentration present in the air. Those environmental parameters will be related to each other to direct the dynamics of the different variables involved in the production of sound.