The Weaks, short-film, 9 mins. running time,  2023
Short film shot in London, UK. Jaguar Teeth Productions

Written and Directed by Gabriel Annouka
Production: Gabriel Annouka, Jaguar Teeth 
Khneta: Luca Demetriou
Resident 1: Andrea Capello
Resident 2: Molly Dorman
Resident 3: Jaume Munte
Narration voices: Luca Demetriou, Molly Dorman, Iker Luengo
Camera DOP: Oscar Carrier-Sippy Music Composer: Anything Pointless
Sound designer: Andrew Ehalt
1st AD: Iker Luengo
2nd AD: Zhanyan Zhang
AC: Patricia Beja
2nd Camera Operator: Valentina Gonzalez
Colour grading: Anibal Castaño
Gaffer & Stunt: Adam Annouka
Titles design: Pau Geis
Sound recordist: Banki Braithwaite
Garment Designer: Maroua Jazziri

Special Thanks 

Digital Space at LCC 
Esmeralda Munoz-Torrero 
Ornela Aliaj
Justyna Kabala
Hans Lo
Tara Langford
Sonja Knecht 
Christoph Rauscher
Fiona Ortega Perez
Irena Restoy
Rita Gratacos
Anna Puig
Adam Carrier-Sippy
Zuza Kępa
Nabil Alerno
Sam Hoppen  

A short story telling the journey of Khneta, a young gender-non-conforming individual of North-African descent living in London, who navigates their numb existence, until a long buried trauma forces them to confront their emotions and reclaim their power. Both project would have not been possible without the help, support and collaboration of countless talented creatives based in Morocco, London and Berlin.